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Click here to learn about the benefits of a Micro-Mart in your facility. Give your Tenants or Employees the GREAT breakroom they deserve.

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The best new option for those medium to large buildings


Do you have a building that has 500 or more employees or tenants? Tired of expired food? Does your food get stuck in the machine? Do you want to offer your employees or tenants fresh food? If you can answer yes to these questions, then we have the program for you.


Our Micro-Mart division allows you to offer fresh salads, sandwiches, pastas, breakfast food, and is 100% customizable. We can fit this in most breakrooms, and requires little constuction. Imagine being able to offer your employees fresh prepared meals and a place to network. Property Managers see better tenant retention. Please take a look at our presentation to see if a Micro-Mart fits your business. 

Do you have our key tag? Have questions about how the rewards program works? Click here for more information.

micro mart

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