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We restock every Micro-Mart multiple times a week to ensure that only the freshest food and drinks are stocked and available. These Micro-Marts are filling a very important role that allows for customers to purchase food, snacks, and drinks without having to sacrifice time or convenience. 

Great American Corporate Dining has branched out and perfected the self service market over the past decade. At our Micro-Marts we provide fresh foods such as salads, sandwiches, and pastas for your building staff to enjoy. Great American also provides snacks, candy, and specialty drinks in our coolers.

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Consulting And Café Management


Come talk to us about your unique space and we can figure out a solution that will exceed your expectations.



Great American Prides ourselves with our decades of experience. When it comes to design, purchasing, and consultation, our team brings the best there is to offer. ​



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